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Latest Projects

Yin/Yang – New Artwork

black horse white horsePhotoshop collage, free work, December 24, 2014.

Rainbow – New Artwork

Pencil on Paper, finished July 2014, free work.

Sky Fortress – New Artwork

sky fortress
Digital Collage, November 2013, Free work.

Waterspirit – New Artwork

Digital Collage, November 2013, Free Work.

Joyous Journey – New Artwork

joyous journey
Digital Composite, November 2013, Free work.

See the Light – New Artwork

Pencil on Paper, March 2013, Free Work.

Light My Fire – New Artwork

firehorsePencil on Paper, February 2013, Free Work.

Andalusian Mandala – New Artwork

andalusian mandalaPencil on Paper, January 2013, Free Work.

The Power Within – new artwork

Pencil on Paper, December 2012, Free Work.

New Website – Bitlessriding.org

Design and Implementation of this new website. It also features some of my photography. This website is an attempt to educate riders about the problems of using bits, and to show alternatives.